Semakaleng "Best Lady" Thaba

Ephodia Chuene

We met in high school. Truth is, when I met Ntoroka I didn’t like her, I thought she was too forward (wa phapha). And then we happened to sit next to each other ka classeng and we had no choice but to talk to each other, I then realised gore I was wrong, ga a phaphe (lol). We started getting along and became friends. Our friendship ya ba strong more ge re raloka netball together, because I was staying far and had to sleep over ga bo Ntoroka ge re boya boshego gotswa go bapala netball. We then joined soccer together, we would play netball and go play football (crazy girls we were I must say). Read More

Rebecca "Rabi" Rabothata

I met Dorcas ka January 1997 in Mahwibitswane high school. We were in the same class and were some of the top students, and that's how we became close because we were always competing against each other. We were doing so many things together like going to town just to buy Chicken lickin and ice cream, beauty contests, and playing netball. Our friendship got stronger when I started staying closer to her home, we were spending more time together as we were hanging out even after school. We managed to maintain our friendship since then, distance was never a problem to us.

Kgadi Masetla